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Stage Voyager is a better way for independent performers to build successful careers and reach fans around the world without waiting for a talent scout to give them that "Big Break", or a social post to “go viral”.

The Future of Live Tours

We’re a platform for ALL performers

Musicians. Dancers. Comedians. Spoken Word. Whether you are seasoned local talent, a burgeoning artist, or an internet star ready to take the next step, we support you on your journey. And put the entire process all in one place - ticketing, marketing, streaming, and connecting with fans.

Triptich of artists including a dancer, comedian, and musician. Credit: Unsplash - David Hoffman Dancer3, Noah Fackelmann Perfomer, Edward Cisneros AudienceBecome a Founding Artist

How It Works

1 - Create Your Show Page

  • Login/Sign-up
  • Upload a show image
  • Fill out the show form
  • Leave the rest to us

2 - We'll Extend Your Reach

  • We promote your show on our site and make it searchable across the web
  • Sell tickets by adding your show page link to your website, email, and social
  • Receive social and search cross-promotion in our marketing channels

3 - It's Showtime

  • Connect with fans old and new!
  • Hear the Cheers! Whistles! Applause! as you perform
  • Get paid. Artists receive all ticket proceeds after the show
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All Access to Live Shows Worldwide

Whether you are a lifelong arts advocate, a super fan supporting your favorite artists, or someone looking for live entertainment for an hour, we will have something for everyone and make it easy to find. Search for a show in any category or location. Buy your tickets. Enjoy the show wherever you are. No traffic. No crowds. No lines. Better snacks. 

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